Welcome to the Directorate of Yoruba Language Proficiency of EACOED, Oyo

The College is located in the ancient city of Oyo-Alafin, the seat of the imperial Majesty, Iku Baba Yeye, Oba (Dr) Lamidi Adeyemi III. Oyo dialect is the nearest to the standard version of Yoruba Language. Yoruba is one of the three major National Languages in Nigeria. Hence, it provides an advantage to the college students to be familiar with one of the national languages in Nigeria. The College authority sees the need for her students to be versed in Yoruba Language being the major language of the environment where the college is located. The Yoruba Language Proficiency is a specially designed course of instruction that will foster students' listening, speaking, reading and writing domains of the language irrespective of their areas of specialization.

The Directorate welcome students from other institutions on acculturation programme that affords them opportunity of getting familiar with the Yoruba people's culture, language and other social interactions. There is provision for international students for a short or long term courses within the college community, the training is an all-inclusive and intensive type that lasts for twelve weeks.

The Director,
Adeoye, Abraham Ayodele

About Us

The Directorate is a research centre for both local and international students, especially those studying African Languages of which Yoruba is significantly among. Not only this, the Directorate is a focal point of contact for Yoruba tourism availing tourists with knowledge in term of the history of Yoruba documentaries and tutorials. The Directorate also serves as tour guide to Alaafin of Oyo's palace, Old Oyo National Park, Yoruba artifact exhibition with deep and vast significance which include among others cultural dance, festival songs as well as rich oral properties of the Yoruba.

The Directorate is blessed with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, language technology and anchored by dedicated staff who are specialists in Yoruba language and literature headed by an astute director with intense passion for culture and language. There is no doubt that every participant is in for a rich and memorable knowledge exposure.

Your enrolment as student will convince you. You are welcome.


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